Meet the mentors

Here are just a few of our mentors on the EPEV scheme.

  1. Barbara Davies Quy

    Deputy Director, Size of Wales

    It has been fantastic to join the EPEV scheme. I have really worked with my inspiring mentee, learning about their work, aspirations and goals. It has been great to introduce my mentee to new contacts and make connections with an overall goal of tackling climate change. The description of mentee and mentor doesn’t really reflect the real relationship which I refer to describe a peer-to-peer buddying system where both parties learn and grow. I would recommend others to join the scheme and get involved.

  2. Grace Quantock

    Being part of Equal Power Equal Voice has been really important to me as I truly believe in the power of marginalised communities supporting each other to understand and engage with public life. I’ve been able to share my experiences of being in multiple board roles, and offer that support and guidance to mentees who are looking to join boards and make an impact in Wales. It’s been great to see the enthusiasm and passion of mentees and know the difference Equal Power Equal Voice is making.

  3. Jen Ramsay

    Senior Political Adviser at Senedd Cymru

    I’m proud to be a mentor in the Equal Power Equal Voice programme. I’m very privileged to work at the Senedd and I wanted to open that experience up and encourage people to consider working in politics in the future too. The role of a Senior Political Adviser may not seem that sexy – but we’re in a unique position to underpin the scrutinise of Government and help make Wales a better place for all. It’s that experience I wanted to pass on to my mentee. If we want a stronger and more diverse democracy, then we have to open doors and remove barriers – and the EPEV programme is part of that positive action

  4. Kate Carr

    Director, Arc: Making the Difference

    I love connecting people who are capable of making a difference. I am in awe of the people who step forward to participate in the Equal Power, Equal Voice programme. Wales is a small yet powerful nation and we must tap into every bit of talent we have. Whether you choose to participate as a mentor or mentee, you will gain so much from getting involved. You’ll be part of a network of people, committed to making Wales the best it can be.

  5. Luisa Pastore

    Head of Communications – Leading Communications and Marketing for Global Sustainability and Climate Change UK.

    Having been part of the first cohort of mentees on WEN Wales’ mentoring programme I know how powerful mentoring can be. Now as a mentor for Equal Power Equal Voice I realise that works both ways. I knew I’d value the opportunity to support a mentee and help decision-making in Wales become more representative; I wasn’t prepared for just how much I’d learn and benefit too. If you get the chance to take part – either as a mentor or mentee – I recommend you jump at the chance. It will change your life.

  6. Mark Isherwood MS

    Senedd Regional Member for North Wales, Welsh Conservative Party

    Having previously participated in the EYST ‘Wales Routes into Public Life’ Mentoring Programme, to see more Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority people fulfil their potential and achieve positions in public life in Wales, working with excellent Mentees to improve their understanding of the workings of government in Wales, and my understanding of their communities, I was delighted to take part in the ‘Equal Power Equal Voice’ cross-equalities mentoring programme to increase diverse representation in public and political life in Wales.

    I hope that my Mentee is benefitting from our ongoing online meetings.  I am certainly benefitting from her expertise working in both the NHS and the health charity sector.

  7. Menai Owen-Jones

    Civil Society and Leadership

    I’m passionate about social justice and seeing equal representation in public and political life in Wales.  As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I know personally of the significant barriers and challenges that you can face every day, including in the world of work. I feel it’s important as a leader to give back and help others in their personal and professional development journey, to empower the next generation of leaders so we can break down more barriers and create a more diverse and equal Wales. That’s why I chose to be an Equal Power, Equal Voice mentor; which is an enjoyable and rewarding experience and also an opportunity for me to learn from my mentee. 

  8. nicola is standing infront of a hedge

    Nicola Pulman

    Director of Size of Wales

    “My experience of being a mentor to Eleanor has been very rewarding and I have learned so much.  

    When we met, I realised that the best way I could support Eleanor was to be a friend and to discuss ideas and new possibilities. We scrapped the formal mentoring approach and moved to a more informal and friendly way of interacting.      

    What I have learned about from being a mentor and from Eleanor:   

    • giving up control and letting others lead 
    • not being the expert and being the one who knows nothing, and being fine with that 
    • adjusting the pace to that which suits everyone 
    • scrapping the rules and doing what felt was right 
    • really listening  
    • understanding my own limitations and lack of knowledge and doing something to address that 
    • being considerate of other’ needs and caring for them 

    These are all good interpersonal skills that I will take away with me which is important but not as important as the relationship I have developed with Eleanor.  

    That is priceless and I feel genuinely very honoured that she put faith and trust in me. That has grown my confidence and I feel so happy that I met Eleanor and we became friends”. 

  9. Peredur Owen Griffiths MS

    Senedd Regional Member South Wales East

  10. Sarah Merry

    Labour Councillor for Cathays, Cardiff

    I have really enjoyed the whole mentoring experience.  Learning about the people that I am mentoring but also having a chance to reflect on your own experiences and the changes in direction you have had.

    Most of all it is great feeling that you are part of helping people on to their next step.

    I know that making a decision to go into public life even as a councillor can be so daunting but we need more women to consider standing for elections. Sometimes just the right comment at the right time can make the difference

  11. Woman with long dark hair in a white top, smiling

    Sita Thomas

    It’s a pleasure being a mentor for Equal Power Equal Voice. It is such an important programme here in Wales to increase diverse representation in public and political life. We need this in all aspects of society, and I’m delighted to bring my experience as a cultural leader and CEO of Wales’ only global majority-led theatre company Fio to this role.

  12. Sue Vincent-Jones

    Activist and Communications Specialist

    The Equal Power, Equal Voice Mentoring Programme is a ground-breaking idea, that is going to see public life in Wales transformed. My passion for putting diversity at the heart of everything I do, made me jump at the chance to be part of this game changer. Being part of the first cohort gives me the opportunity to shape and inform the Programme to help make that crucial difference. Working with my Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Mentee is teaching me the value of difference – and the barriers that difference can cause. It should be a satisfying experience to use my knowledge to help my mentee, grow and gain the confidence to step into public life.