David is facing the camera, wearing a shirt and glasses and is smiling, he is by the sea,


Being part of the Equal Power Equal Voice (EPEV) Mentoring Programme has had a huge impact on my life as an educator and an advocate for the LGBT+ community.

Through EPEV, I’ve achieved so much. I connected with influential people from different fields, which not only widened my horizons but also gave me a chance to refine my advocacy skills. The training sessions gave me insights into communication, political influence, and community engagement that I use every day to create a more inclusive space for both students and staff.

The highlights were meeting Members of Parliament, Senedd members, and other leaders; they showed me how real change happens in public life. And let’s not forget the trip to the UK Houses of Parliament – a true eye-opener that highlighted the importance of diversity in shaping policies.

I can’t recommend the EPEV programme enough. It’s not just about mentorship and training; it’s about joining a community of change-makers. If you’re looking to make a real impact, EPEV equips you with the tools and connections to do just that. Working together with like-minded folks and accessing valuable resources, you can create a more inclusive society that benefits everyone.

Personally, being part of EPEV meant a lot. As an educator, I know visibility is key for young LGBT+ individuals. They need to see that they’re not alone and that success is within reach, no matter who they are. EPEV gave me the chance to be that visible role model, to show that acceptance and success are possible. It’s helped me take big steps toward making education a more inclusive and fair space, where every student feels valued and empowered.

EPEV has been a life-changing experience that’s allowed me to be part of something bigger, something that’s shaping a better future for all of us.