Sam Lewis, they/them, was a part of the 2022/2023 mentee cohort

“Being a part of EPEV has been a fantastic experience from beginning to end and has given me the chance to speak to and learn from other passionate individuals who want to help make Wales a better place.  

The training provided has also helped to give me more direction and focus on how I can get more involved in improving LGBTQIA+ visibility and positive attitudes. I have had amazing support from both my mentor and the EPEV team to be able to stay engaged in EPEV whilst going through major life events in my personal life.  

Without EPEV I would still be feeling lost and not knowing how to get more involved in making changes that can help make public life and politics in Wales more reflective of the rich diversity that we have. It has also given me a bit more confidence in writing LGBTQIA+ fiction. 

I can’t recommend enough to get involved with EPEV and how important it is for anyone who has a passion for politics, public life, or just wants to be able to get involved and leave Wales a little better than we found it”.