Martine, a woman with black hair and a blue and white top


Throughout the program I have developed my confidence, self esteem and self belief.

My mentor gave me the time and patience to learn new things, and a safe space to get things wrong. The program allowed me to vent my frustrations about the injustice and inequities our communities face whilst also giving me hope that we are making a difference and collectively working together to change the system. Meeting the other participants and creating networks of support have been incredible. The diversity of candidates has allowed me to learn, grow and look through different lenses and increase my knowledge on a range of topics.

I am truly grateful for the support I have had from the very beginning and I know that it has helped me to become the person I am now. The impostor syndrome that I felt has eased and I have confidence that what I have to say is important and valued. The skills I have developed throughout the program have allowed me to put myself forward for boards and panels that, last year, I wouldn’t even attend due to me feeling not worthy.

Everyone should do this program it changes lives.