Meet the team

The team behind EPEV

  • Joys Violette Njini (she/her)

    Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales Mentoring Project Manager

    Joys has extensive experience within the Third Sector, particularly in supporting and empowering asylum-seeking and refugee women from around the world. She is passionate about fairness, social justice, equality of opportunity and women’s empowerment. She believes that to achieve a fairer and more equal Wales, there must be a diverse representation in Public and Political Office. As a former Wen Mentee herself, she recognises how vital this project can be in making Wales a more diverse and equal society.

  • Annmarie Brown (she/her)

    Women’s Equality Network Wales Mentoring Project Officer

    Annmarie is a passionate advocate for equality and social justice and is committed to promoting inclusion and diversity in all areas of her work and life. She has a broad range of experience of working with a range of diverse individuals, in a variety of settings including education, criminal justice, and third sector organisations.

  • Linus Harrison (he/him)

    Ethnic Minorities and Youth Support Team Mentoring Project Officer

    Linus is committed to creating and developing equity in all areas of society. A former mentee himself, he has gone on to gain two public roles to support inclusion and the fair treatment of diverse groups. Having worked in the third sector, he is currently leading research on making mainstream media more accessible to marginalised people.

  • Davinia-Louise Green (She/her)

    Stonewall Mentoring Project Officer

    I have strategic vision, oversight and operational management of our activity across Wales. This includes policy, campaigning and public affairs, community engagement, oversight of our workplace and empowerment programmes, along with our programmes for work focused on children and young people.

    Before joining Stonewall, I had a long history of working in the charity sector. I am a health promotion specialist by background, and in particular I specialised in developing health promotion programmes for people who face high levels of physical, psychologica or structural barriers to optimal health or prevention of disease.

    I have had a number of career highlights, both big and small. However, my most recent highlight was in my last role at the Stroke Association, where I developed and launched the first stroke prevention day for the UK. It is a career highlight as I was able to combine an awareness campaign with a measurable health promotion intervention, enabling the organisation to identify key factors that can influence positive health behaviours related to stroke prevention.

    Outside work, I’m a huge Deadpool fan and spent much of lockdown making Lego/Deadpool superhero art, which I’m now trying to sell on Etsy! I’m also a big fan of decorative skulls and have them dotted around my house in various places.

  • Alex Harrison (She/her)

    Disability Wales Mentoring Project Officer

    Alex is a disabled person from Caerphilly. Alex has worked in the third sector for over 10 years, with a passion for improving equity and equality for disabled people and working to remove the disabling barriers they face. Alex is passionate about the social model of disability and works to increase awareness and how it can be implemented in daily life.

  • Kat Watkins (She/her)

    Disability Wales Mentoring Project Officer

    Kat is the UNCRDP Development Officer at Disability Wales and collaborating to be part of the duos of Mentoring Project Officer for. Disability Wales. She was a previous mentee on the EPEV project and got so much out of it that when asked to help run the Disability Wales side of things agreed straight away. Kat is an experienced disability rights activist, having spent many years fighting for the rights of disabled people and in particular wheelchair users. She has 35 years lived experience as a wheelchair user and 37 as a disabled person.