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Who is it for?

Who is the EPEV Public Life Mentoring Programme for?

Would you like to get more involved in public or political life and have an impact on the decisions that affect you, your communities and our society? Are you fed up with not being represented, with few people like you in the Senedd or your local council?  Is there an issue that you feel passionate about or have ideas for change on?

By offering access to an array of development tools and resources, building strong peer networks and a commitment to continual learning, the EPEV programme will help you to act as a catalyst for change. You will emerge with strengthened individual and collective confidence, better equipped to bridge the gap to political and public life. Likely benefits include:

  • Increased confidence in your own capacity to make change and find your voice 
  • Increased knowledge of how decisions get made in Wales and how to influence those decisions
  • Increased understanding of different levels of government (local, Senedd, Westminster) 
  • Increased knowledge of important policy matters in Wales 
  • Improved public speaking and communication skills 
  • Meeting and speaking with highly influential people 
  • Widening and deepening your networks 

We welcome applications from any person who is aged 18+, living in Wales, who identifies as:

  • A Black, Asian or ethnic minority person
  • A person from the LGBTQ+ community
  • A disabled person
  • A woman
  • Or any combination of any of those identities

AND ALSO has a clear interest in increasing their impact in public or political life and a commitment to their own development.